Interview: Diego Bazan



This month’s featured artist is diegobazan. A street photographer from South and North America!

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Full name

Diego Bazán

City and country where you live

Lima, Peru – New York, United States

How you started with street photography?

I have been always interested in photographing what was happening on the streets. I remember coming across with the famous photograph of the child pointing a gun at the camera by William Klein, I think that was the first thing that convinced me to go out to the streets and take pictures. Since then I always carry my camera with me.

Why street photography?

Because I love the instant moments of the streets. I don’t like to be in control of the light, movement, or people posing. I just enjoy not having control of anything that is happening around me, but yet have the control to choose what to shoot.


You move around Lima and NYC I’m guessing quite often. The fact that you are accustomed to either Lima than NYC makes your experience different as you’re no tourist, so you must have a different insight. Could you tell us more about the differences and similarities in approach for both places?

As a capital city, Lima hosts people from many different cultures and regions from the country. When I moved to NYC, I could feel the same essence, since both cities are multicultural. I think then that the main difference is the fact that having lived in Lima for more than 20 years makes my photos just have a different essence to the ones taken in NYC.

Many people would love to travel to South America and do street photography there, it sounds fascinating and not the more common Europe, North America or Asia. Do you have any advice or insight you could share about your experience while shooting in Peru? I’m sure for many people shooting in Peru can be a magnificent experience.

It’s fascinating. A new world to discover for a street photographer. The last time I went back to Peru I had an amazing time because I went back with another perspective. Each time I visit Lima or a different city I get charged with this new energy and get inspired to get to know new places.


Have you thought on doing a series about NYC and Lima? It could be interesting to see a project about the contrast and similarities between these two cities and their citizens.

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