This is a SPECTACULAR lens. Yes I have bought too many lenses recently but I have sold a few too! I now have three Soviet Helios lenses and the gorgeous Petzval but this beauty is in a different league. It doesn’t have the unique look of those old lenses but what this does is a lot more useful for normal work. It’s the Voigtlander 21mm F1.8 Leica M mount.
Here it is on my Leica M and it’s most definitely the best wide angle lens I own. Incredibly sharp and little distortion plus it’s fast with a maximum aperture of F1.8. No other full frame glass can match this.
My 21mm Leica Super-Elmar F3.5 is 2.5x the price of this and nowhere near as sharp or distortion free (coming to eBay soon!) The $7.5k 21mm F1.4 Summilux is also more distorted and nowhere as sharp as this at F1.4 but I don’t own that!

Of course it’s no use on DSLRs due to the short flange but I can’t wait to try this on my A7S in 4K with the Shogun at IBC

This is a full frame lens and pointless for anything else. For example the GH4 crop would lose all benefits. Check out the new @slrmagic 10mm T2.1 for that camera. I tried it last night and was very impressed indeed!

Once again Voigtlander impress, a lot! (at Richmond Lock and Footbridge)



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